New expressway linking Bangkok’s west to inner city is ready to open


Traveling by cars from the western part of Bangkok to the heart of the capital will soon be faster and more convenient as the Sri Rat-Outer Ring Road expressway project is now completed and ready to open next month.


This was disclosed by the transport minister after he inspected the readiness of the project yesterday before next month’s official opening.

The project is a 6-lane elevated expressway, mostly constructed in the existing right of way of the Red Line Mass Transit Railway (Bangsue-Talingchan Section) route with the total length of 16.7 kilometers.

The project starts from Karnchanaphisek Road (Outer Ring Road) at a location near Mahasawat Water Treatment Plant and the route runs through the east direction along the existing right of way of the southern railway route and crossing the Chao Phraya River at Rama VI Bridge prior to ending at Kampaemgphet 2 road, north of Mochit 2 bus terminal.

Mr Arkom Termphittaya-Paisit, The Transport Minister
Mr Arkom Termphittaya-Paisit, The Transport Minister

Mr Arkom Termphittaya-Paisit, the transport minister, said the expressway would be fully completed by the end of this month, or sooner than schedule.

This expressway will help ease traffic congestion on the west of the Outer Ringroad or Karnchanaphisek road into the heart of the capital, he said.

He said before the official opening on August 20, the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) will open the expressway for a free trial run for vehicles from August 15-17.

The fee is 50 baht for a vehicle with four wheels, 75 baht for vehicles with 6-10 wheels and 110 baht for vehicles with over 10 wheels.