NCPO chief asks diplomats to clarify Thai situation abroad


BANGKOK, June 11 — Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, chief of the Royal Thai Army and the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), laid down his instructions to 23 Thai ambassadors and consuls-general deployed in 21 countries at Royal Thai Army headquarters on Rajdamnoen Avenue in Bangkok today.

Seventeen other Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials were also present as Gen Prayuth thanked the ministry for helping the Peace and Order Council explain its needy to stage the May 22 coup.

He stressed that the NCPO wanted to pave the way for true democracy where checks and balances among the executive, the legislature and the judiciary could effectively function in Thailand.

Thailand needed good relations with other countries as it depended on export but he understood that it was impossible for all countries to agree with all the actions of the NCPO.

“We must consider honor and dignity. We do not have to oppose the countries that have different stances. Our duty is to quickly create understanding and we hope that issues will be alleviated when those countries learn about the intention of the NCPO. So I would like ambassadors and government officials to help explain formally and informally,” Gen Prayuth said.

Thai ambassadors and consuls-general who met Gen Prayuth today included ambassador to the Hague Virachai Plasai, ambassador to Berlin Nongnuth Phetcharatana, ambassador to Washington Wichawat Isarabhakdi, ambassador to Paris Apichat Chinwanno, ambassador to Tokyo Thanatip Upatising, and consul-general to Sydney Teerathep Promvongsanon.