NBTC to issue regulations-instructions in the face of emergency/disaster


BANGKOK, 18 July 2012  – The country’s telecom regulator is set to issue a set of regulations and instructions to help broadcaster work efficiently in the face of natural disaster of emergency cases. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Secretary-General Thakorn Tantasit said that the draft regulations and instructions for broadcasters during the time of natural disasters and emergency will be brought up for review at the NBTC meeting on Wednesday.

Mr. Thakorn stated that the NBTC has realized the importance of all channels of communications in the face of any disasters. Therefore, such a guidance to help all broadcasters work with all related agencies in communicating in a timely manner to the public has been devised.

He added that the telecom regulator will also be looking at the draft of must-carry regulations to oblige all TV broadcasters in airing all contents without any copyright excuse, for the good of viewers.

Moreover, the NBTC will discuss the draft rule on the import of satellite TV set-top boxes, which cover such details as the application of the permit, related fees and the import procedures, during the July-18 meeting.

Mr. Thakorn said that all the 3 drafts will need to be approved by the meeting of the NBTC prior to the public hearing and other consequential steps before they can be published in the Royal Gazette for implementation.