Narcotics delivery bust in Bangkok as all attentions are on flooding


BANGKOK, 23 October 2011 -Provincial Police Region 1 yesterday had apprehended a man for possession of narcotics. The man in questions, Yingchai Puttipongarcha, was caught at Tesco Lotus in Bangphli District, Samut Prakan Province, after the police received a lead on a possible narcotics delivery.

Authorities spotted Mr. YingChai’s pickup truck suspiciously parking near the venue, they then asked to search the vehicle and found 40,000 pills of methamphetamine in a bag laid near the driver.

Mr. Yingchai loaded his truck with vegetables to divert the attention from the police, but fortunately they thoroughly searched the vehicle and found the drugs.

Authorities also said that the suspect used the flood to his advantage, seizing the opportunity to deliver the goods while authorities were busy with flood relief operations. He is now waiting for further legal proceedings.