Nan declared flood disaster zone


NAN, June 27 — The northern province of Nan was declared a disaster zone from floods today as local residents were under pressure and stress due to the emergency.

Nan Governor Seni Jitkasem announced the entire province as a disaster zone in order to provide more effective assistance to the flood victims.

The water covered 15 districts, with the most serious being the provincial seat (Mueang), Phu Phiang, Tha Wang Pha, Pua, and Wiang Sa districts.

The situation was critical at Mueang district as the business centre and hotels were damaged due to the rising waters.

Local residents stressed by the floodwaters, threw stones or used slingshots to attack passing vehicles on the flooded roadways raised waves to further damage their homes. Police came to halt the homeowners’ angry reactions.

Chopaka Jitkasem, wife of the governor and president of the Nan Red Cross Society together with other local leaders and dignitaries used flatbottom boats to distribute relief packages to more than 600 flood victims in 158 households at Du Tai sub-district where the waters rose three metres high, forcing electricity and tapwater supplies to be cut.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was scheduled to inspect the flood situation in Nan on Tuesday and plans to leave Bangkok at 11am for Nan, visit flood victims at Mueang and Wiang Sa districts before returning to Bangkok in the afternoon.