Myanmar agrees to remove flag from Thai village in Tak


TAK, July 18 2012  – Thailand yesterday hosted a meeting of the Thai-Myanmar Joint Border Committee in Tambon Mae Pa, Mae Sot District, Tak Province. The Thai delegation was headed by Colonel Ukrit Nutkhamhang, head of the task force unit of the Fourth Army Area while the Burmese military delegation was led by the commander of the 275th Infantry regiment of Myawaddy. 

Colonel Ukrit said the meeting had been held in a cordial manner for 3 hours, during which both sides discussed a wide range of issues related to the Thai-Myanmar border. They included the change of the course of the Moei River which has been affecting both Thailand and Myanmar, and the problems of public health and drug trafficking along the common border.

The Colonel went on to disclose that at the meeting, Myanmar agreed to cooperate with Thailand in developing the island in the middle of Moei River, crime prevention, and public health. That country also agreed remove its flag out of the Ban Mae Kone-kane island which belongs to the Thai district of Mahawan, in Mae Sot District.

At the meeting, the leader of the Myanmar delegation said that the cooperation between the two sides will help not just to improve the Thai-Myanmar border but to stabilize the economy as well. On the matter of drug trafficking, he said Myanmar will be giving its full support to help solve the problem.