Multiple urban, life challenges distress Bangkokians


BANGKOK, Oct 9 – Immediate problems including exorbitant commodity prices, higher cost of living, floods and traffic congestion have put Bangkokians under severe strain, according to a survey by Bangkok University.

The varsity research centre conducted a survey on urban people’s mental health amid economic, social and natural disaster crises in the past three months. It revealed the results today on the eve of the World Mental Health Day.

The 1,474-person survey found 28.6 per cent of Bangkok people stressed due to skyrocketing commodity prices and the increasing cost of living, while fears of flooding represented 15 per cent and traffic woes 12 per cent.

Sixty per cent of distressed people turned to their families while 20 per cent – one in five — confided with their peers and 10 per cent – one in ten — with their soul mates.

The favourite tension-relieving activities are watching television or listening to radio (98 per cent), shopping, watching movies and eating out (88 per cent) and doing physical workouts (84.5 per cent).