MPH suggests ways to stay cool during summer


BANGKOK, 17 April 2013 – Deputy Public Health Minister, Dr. Cholnan Srikaew (ชลน่าน ศรีแก้ว), suggested the public to remain cool during summer by taking stress relieving activities such as exercising, engaging in a hobby, and talking to friends. He also stressed that mental patients must receive their medication on schedule and stay far from alcohol.

He said that aside from diseases usually found during summer like food poisoning, stomach related illnesses, and typhoid, stress is another concern not to be overlooked, explaining that hot weather is a stress inducing agent.

According to the Department of Mental Health, 7 out of 12 surveys conducted during 2009-2012 showed Bangkok topped the chart of provinces with the highest number of people with stress.

Dr. Cholnan said financial constraints, jobs, political unrest, families, and social issues could all lead to stress illnesses, which, when coupled with hot weather, would cause patients’ conditions to escalate and become violent. He said general symptoms of stress illnesses are headache, insomnia, and attention deficiency.

He also expressed concerns over mental patients who need medical attention, saying that the heat induced stress and alcohol can directly affect their brain and worsen their conditions. The Deputy Public Health Minister urged the public experiencing aforementioned symptoms to call the ministry’s hotline 1323 for assistance around the clock.