MOU signed for better quality of life in Thailand-Cambodia


BANGKOK, 2 August 2015 – Thailand and Cambodia have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with the objective of improving the livelihood of the people of both nations.

The Royal Prajasonggroh Thai-Cambodia Foundation (PTC) held the ‘Relations of Two Lands Thailand-Cambodia’ event on Sunday, where a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to improve public health, education, religion and economic issues in both countries, through the efforts of both governments.

The event was chaired by Jirakhom Kitiyakorn at the Royal Thai Police Club, Bangkok.

The MOU is a binding agreement for the PTC to propel cooperation in royally initiated projects in both countries; the promotion of a better understanding among the public of both sides; the improvement of the daily quality of life, through self-sustainability; support for education, public health, agriculture, the environment, employment, and charity; the promotion of religious, cultural, and traditional affairs; the cooperation of royal affairs for the benefit of the dual economies and society; to provide aid for the public affected by hardships; and with support for projects unrelated to politics.

The Relations of Two Lands Thailand-Cambodia event, also featured a lecture on the investment opportunities in Cambodia by the Thai Minister Counsellor on Commercial Affairs Jiranun Wongmongkol, along with a business matching session.

The Prajasonggroh Thai-Cambodia Foundation was founded in 2014 with its objective being the creation of good understanding among neighboring citizens, regional economic prosperity, and the formation of a cooperative network in education, to promote Thailand as the center of human resources development in the region.