More than 100,000 Thais receive unemployment benefits each month


BANGKOK – The Social Security Office (SSO) currently pays unemployment benefits to over 100,000 individuals on a monthly basis, covering unemployment or those who have had their employments terminated, says SSO Secretary-General.

The SSO’s Secretary-General Kowit Sachavisad has said that the SSO pays a sum of 350-450 million baht to more than 100,000 individuals holding the social security benefits, either from resignation or termination of employment.

He has said that the amount of Social Security bearers requesting to receive unemployment allowance has increased slightly from last year, to 39,000 more persons during January-February 2016. Unemployment rates have remained relatively low, as reflected from a total of 11,510,000 individuals enrolled in the unemployment subsidy.

Social Security bearers will receive the allowance at 30 percent of their wage for 90 days, in case of resignation, while unemployed persons from contract termination will receive an allowance at 50 percent of their wage for 180 days.

The SSO’s secretary-general has said the unemployment rate in Thailand is at normal conditions despite the slight increase of unemployment, as many usually find new jobs in a short time.

He suggested the increased perception regarding big layoffs have emerged from society’s focus on foreign companies more than Thai companies.