More firearms in entertainment venues



Pattaya police were called to Pornsiri Karaoke pub on Pattaya third at 3am on June the 6th to detain 40 year old Ronachai Masukh, a Huay Yai resident who was drunk and had been brandishing a gun.


The owner of the venue Supot Charoenraj told police that Ronachai had come into the pub with 3 other men and after a while they started to shout and upset other customers.

The owner tried to calm him down, but he wouldn’t listen and took his gun out and pointed it at him.

Drunk Thai man admits to brandishing his gun in public.Drunk Thai man admits to brandishing his gun in public.

Supot took a risk and snatched the gun off the man it was then that his staff assisted him in detaining the drunk until the police arrived.

Ronachai told police that he didn’t mean to take out his gun but it was his friend who took it off his waist, and he took it back into his hand to hide it.

He said he carried the gun for self defense, he now awaits another form of defense as he was transferred to the police station where he may end in court in front of the judge.