More customs checkpoints to be built in preparation for AEC


BANGKOK, 27 September 2012  – The Customs Department is planning to request a share in the Finance Ministry’s planned borrowings of 2.2 trillion baht, and will spend it on building more customs checkpoints to handle expanding border trade following the opening of ASEAN Economic Community.

Director-General of the Customs Department Somchai Poolsavadi has disclosed that he is seeking an approval from the Finance Ministry for an allocation of 8 billion baht from the latter’s planned borrowings. The project is aimed at building more customs checkpoints and improving the existing ones throughout the country. The move is to get Thailand ready for the establishment of the AEC.

According to him, new customs checkpoints to be established, among others, will be in Ban Phu Nam Ron which is next to Dawei City of Myanmar, and in Sadao district on the Thai-Malaysian border.

Mr. Somchai added however that the planned establishment of new customs checkpoints also needs an approval from security units as those checkpoints will stand on the border. Security-related agencies will therefore have to be a part of the decision-making process.