MOPH ask public not to worry over rumored bird flu case at CP Tower


BANGKOK, 21 September 2013 The Ministry of Public Health asserts that the rumor alleging a Thai person has contracted H5N1 avian influenza was untrue. 

Public Health Minister Pradit Sintawanarong spoke of messages spreading through social media alleging that an employee at CP Tower in Bangkok has fallen ill with bird flu. Dr. Pradit insisted the allegation was untrue, and the employee who was taking leave was diagnosed only with seasonal flu. He also clarified that workers at the building have not been taking more leave than usual, contrary to what the rumor said.

Dr. Pradit ask the public not to worry, as health authorities maintain continuous monitoring against bird flu, both in humans and poultry.

The minister noted that although Thailand has been free of human bird flu cases since 2006, those who keep birds should notify livestock or health officials to inspect cases of birds dying without a known cause.