Monsoon conditions spur flood warnings across central region


The 12th Royal Irrigation Department (RID) Office has issued a warning to 7 central region provinces of possible flooding due to monsoon conditions across the nation.


Forest run offs induced by heavy rain this week have resulted in flooding in many areas of Sukhothai province, including at government offices and public residences. Local administrators have had to join with the military to set up sandbag barriers to assist traffic while water is pumped out of heavily inundated areas.

In Phichit province, waters from Northern provinces have swelled the Nan and Yom Rivers. RID officials have coordinated with caretakers of both Sirikit and Kwae Noi dams to aid in relieving the run off but have maintained a warning to residents in the lower north and central region of possible flooding.

In the southern region, winds have kicked up waves with swells of up to 2 meters seen off the coast of Phangna province. Some of the waves have resulted in property damage with boats along a 10 kilometer stretch in the province badly affected by the waters.

The Prime Minister has called for all relevant units to be ready to provide assistance where needed as the monsoon conditions across the nation are predicted to generate widespread flooding.