Ministry of Labour to establish worker safety department


BANGKOK, 1 May 2015 – The Ministry of Labour has been planning to draft another master plan on occupational safety, health and environmental conservation, in an attempt to raise safety standards for workers in Thailand.

The second master plan will be submitted for Cabinet approval before being implemented for a period of ten years from 2018 – 2027.

Labour Minister General Surasak Kanjanarat said that workplace safety will become one of the government’s top priorities this year.

In addition, the ministry is expected to sign the 187th International Labour Organization Convention agreement on occupational safety and health policy, and establish a new department to oversee labor safety.

The Labour Minister said his ministry will raise safety standards in the workplace by fostering a safety-conscious mindset among employers and employees alike, as well as educating them about safety procedures and enforcing the laws.

General Surasak added that the safety standards in Thailand are mediocre compared to the rest of the ASEAN nations.