Ministry of Foreign Affairs details developments since the Ratchaprasong explosion


BANGKOK 23rd Sept. 2015  – Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri, Deputy Police Commissioner-General and Spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, and Mr. Sek Wannamethee, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today conducted a briefing session on developments following the Ratchaprasong intersection explosion in August, for members of the diplomatic corps from 56 countries, and 7 international organizations, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to explain the actions of the government after a month of investigations into the crime, and to boost the confidence of foreign visitors.

Lieutenant General Prawut Thavornsiri informed the diplomatic corps about the progress of investigations and the arrests made. Mr. Sek Wannamethee revealed that the diplomatic corps is satisfied with the security measures which the government has implemented for the safety of nationals and tourists.

The spokesman of the Royal Thai Police added that the Ratchaprasong explosion cannot be defined as an act of terrorism and the publicized arrest of alleged suspects in Malaysia is not true.

Meanwhile, police are in the process of verifying the nationality of Mr. Adem Karadag who was earlier arrested in possession of 200 counterfeit passports. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already coordinated with Chinese officials and the Turkish Embassy in Thailand.