Maejo University student files complaint against Border Patrol officer


Two students claim they were threatened with a gun and beaten by a Border Patrol Police officer outside a restaurant in Sansai. The female student has filed charges against the officer after she and her boyfriend were treated at the hospital.

Nattacha Aonsa, a 20 year old student at Maejo University accompanied by her lawyer Narit Limsirirat reported to the Maejo police that her boyfriend Panupong Urid, a 25 year old graduate student at Maejo University, had been leaving the restaurant with four friends in Sansai around 11 p.m. on January 30 when they met Lt. Aritat Kankai. He drove his car and parked very close to them, she reported and then got out of his car to ask “Why are you looking at my face, do you have any problem?” and then started beating her boyfriend, Panupong. He then took a gun from his car and hit Panupong in the face with the butt of the gun before firing the gun into the air five times. He then pointed the gun at her and threatened her “Don’t get involved.”

After he drove off they took Panupong to Lanna Hospital Chiang Mai for medical care with injuries to his face and body and unable to speak. The doctors said recovery could take a month and for now he will need to be fed by gastric tube as he isn’t capable of swallowing his food.

Nattacha asked the police to arrest and take the officer to court as soon as possible.

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