Maejo Poll: Farmers unsure if they can rely on new govt


BANGKOK, 14 June 2011– The majority of farmers are not sure if a new government will be able to solve agricultural problems, according to a recent survey by the Economic Research and Agricultural Forecasting Centre at Maejo University. 

The survey was conducted from 9 May to 9 June 2011 with 822 farmers across the country. 37.6% of the respondents were in the North while the rest divided into 19.2%, 20.5% and 22.7%, were in the northeastern, central and southern regions respectively.

96.4% of the respondents confirmed that they would exercise their rights by casting their vote in the upcoming election in order to complete their duties as good Thai citizens. 3.4% of the respondents however wouldn’t, saying they were fed up with politics and were inconvenient in travelling.

As for desirable qualifications in the new leader, the respondents said he or she should be a person of good characters with morals, honesty and transparency. The new leader should also be knowledgeable, have visions and understand problems of farmers.

The respondents also requested that policies launched by the new government should be practical and beneficial for farmers. 51.8% of the respondents however were unsure if they could rely on the government.

In addition, the respondents asked the government to help reduce their production costs and pleaded politicians to have more sincerity and design realistic policies to improve the agricultural sector.


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