M-67 grenade found in the middle of Phayathai District


BANGKOK, 26 May 2014  – Police were called in immediately after an M-67 grenade that was wrapped with a black tape was found in front of a bus stop on Si Ayutthaya Road in Phayathai District.

Police Lieutenant Atikpop Chan-soda of Phayathai Police Station later notified the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team about the finding. The police also had to temporarily close off the road so that the EOD team could be put to work.

Fortunately, the EOD team made a safe recovery of the grenade, as the pin had not yet been unlatched.

An eyewitness reported that a Bangkok street cleaner found the grenade in the middle of the road and immediately notified the police.

Investigations revealed that the perpetrator might have intentionally dropped the grenade to get rid of any possible evidence rather than stage attacks, as the military has been active to crackdown on anybody who possessed firearms or weaponry. At this point, the police would be searching through all the CCTV cameras around the area to identify the suspect.