Lampang launches wildfire-prevention campaign


LAMPANG – Administrative and security sectors in Lampang Province have co-launched a wildfire-prevention campaign in Phrabat Township.

Deputy governor Somchai Kamoltheptewin and the commander of the 32nd Military Circle have addressed a parade of volunteers, security officials, civil servants and environmentalists, joining a campaign for wildfire and smog prevention.

The level of smog in the North is particularly alarming between the end of winter and the beginning of the dry season. The situation has worsened over nearly a decade. Post-harvest burning activities, slash-and-burn agriculture and man-made wildfires are blamed for the problem.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness of this environmental risk and to urge public participation in achieving a solution to the problem. The deputy governor also led a presentation of fire extinguishers for use by local agencies and communities. Different sectors have also donated 120,000 baht to Lampang’s wildfire management fund.