Labour Minister visits Thai students in WorldSkills Competition in Brazil


BANGKOK, 13 August 2015 – Labour Minister General Surasak Kanjanarat said Thailand should be more enthusiastic about improving vocational skills following his visit to the 43rd WorldSkills Competition in Brazil.

The Labour Minister, Director General of the Department of Skill Development M.L. Boondarik Smithi, and Thai ambassador to Brazil Pitchayaphant Charnbhumidol have traveled to the competition venue and met with the Thai contestants.

It is the 23rd time Thailand has joined WorldSkills. According to the Labour Minsiter, Thailand has shown the world how skillful her students are by joining the competition. He is hopeful they will win the medals again this year.

He added that Thai students should continue to improve their vocational skills as many nations have stepped up their games. The Thai ambassador has complimented the Thai students on how well they are prepared for the event.

The students have reportedly done well on the first day of the competition, and promised to continue to do their best in the next round.