Koh Samui municipality to use canvas to cover garbage


Faced with a mountain of accumulated garbage estimated at about 250,000 tonnes and a malfunctioned incinerator, Koh Samui municipality has come up with an idea to temporarily solve the problem – to buy rubber-coated canvas to cover the huge garbage.


A special budget has been sought for the purchase of the canvas and a number of backhoes are currently at work at the dump site next to the malfunctioned incinerator to prepare the land to accommodate the garbage and to cover it up with canvas.

Koh Samui mayor Ramnate Jaikwang said that the municipality had received many complaints from residents living around the landfill of the foul smell and putrid water seeping out of the dump site.

He added that the municipality would dig a pond to store the putrid water before it is delivered to a waste water treatment plant.