Khon Kaen Zoo ready to receive visitors


KHON KAEN 10 April 2014 — Khon Kaen Zoo has announced that it is officially ready to welcome visitors to the zoo during the much anticipated Songkran festival.

The Director of the Khon Kaen Zoo Taewin Ratanawongsawat announced that the zoo is very excited to be welcoming visitors during the Songkran holiday and to play host to one of Thailand’s oldest traditions, the season of friendly water splashing.

Many fun-filled activities can be expected at the zoo, such as, the feeding of animals, a patting place where people can interact with the animals, horseback riding, and shows featuring animal skills.

The Director also stated that the zoo will host a merit making ceremony to bless the zoo and its participants, and to welcome the Thai New Year. Moreover, he added, it would be a good chance for local people to present the province’s local culture to the many tourists who are visiting the Khon Kaen region.