Immigration Bureau clears up confusion over termination of Immigration 6 form


BANGKOK – The Immigration Bureau has pointed out that there has been a misunderstanding over news the Prime Minister signed the cancellation of the Immigration 6 card, explaining that the stoppage was to pave the way for a new form to be introduced in October.

The Immigration Bureau has clarified that while the Immigration 6 form that travelers must complete before entering or re-entering the Kingdom has been cancelled, the system has not been terminated and the form will be replaced by a new design. The new form was created by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports so that it can better gather needed data.

Commander of the bureau Pol Lt Gen Nutthorn Prohsunthorn and Don Muang Airport Director Wing Commander Suthirawat Suwanwat meanwhile, have led discussions on remedying crowding and slow queues for immigration. The two noted however, that Don Muang Airport has seen a surge in travelers over the past 5 years from 10,000 a day to 40,000 and that immigration desks often have to process over 4,000 people at a time, resulting in delays.

Officials are to initially expand processing space to add capability to handle another 1,000 passengers at a time