Huay Yai Police intercepts smuggling operation



Huay Yai police intervened in an operation to smuggle mobile phones into the Rayong prison.

They captured two men who were at the time secreting 30 mobile phones into a recess in a refrigerator.


Both men confessed that an unknown man had paid them 10,000 baht for the cunning job and that the man was then going to donate the fridge to the Rayong detention center where the phones would be removed and sold to prisoners perhaps for about 100,000 baht each.

With the use of a mobile the drug dealers would easily be able to communicate with their suppliers and dealers.

The smugglers confess to their crimesThe smugglers confess to their crimes and point to the smuggling items.

Police said if they hadn’t intervened the prisoners would continue making a fortune for the illegal drug trade which in turn leads to petty crime in our community.

This was something of a triumph for the Huay Yai police who also confiscated 300 methamphetamine pills, 4 grams of Ice, a hand gun and ammunition at the scene.


The two that were hired to smuggle mobile phones into the Rayong prison