Hospitals to start implementing P4P


BANGKOK, 2 May 2013  The Ministry of Public Health’s Pay-for-Performance (P4P) initiative will be implemented in some hospitals that are ready, at the beginning of May. 

Public Health Minister MD Pradit Sinthawanarong said the performance-based assessment system, recently approved by the cabinet, will cover all personnel involved in patient service in the field of health services, management as well as academic. The scoring system is flexible, depending on practicality.

According to Doctor Pradit, the 3 billion baht budget for the scheme, previously approved by the cabinet, is divided into 3 parts: The first will be allocated for retrospective payment under the old system from October 2012 to March 2013. The second will be used to assist hospital experiencing financial problems. And the last part is for the new payment system under P4P, from April to September 2013.