Heavy rain triggers flash flood in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT, Jan 13 – A flash flood from the Sankalakhiri mountain range in Narathiwat’s Sukhirin district and heavy downpour damaged a section of road and a bridge.

The flood remains high in some areas and cloud has covered all13 districts, threatening further rain. Rainfall triggered a flash flood from Sankalakhiri mountain range, flowing down to inundate farmland and residential areas in Sukhirin district.

A main road, connecting villages, is under water and impassable. Soldiers are using flat-bottomed boats to transport local residents and carry supplies.

The water level in the Sungai Kolok River, the main river taking the water from the Sankalakhiri mountain range is rising and was about to burst its banks. Riverside communities in the Sungai Kolok municipality have evacuated to a temporary shelter.

Although the situation has returned to normal in some areas, almost 200 families have been staying in roadside temporary shelters provided by the military because they are not confident about the rainfall situation.

In Pattani, the head of the local disaster prevention and mitigation office, Panyasak Sophonwasu said there is no severe flooding at the moment but six coastal districts were at risk of strong winds and high waves, smashing the shoreline.