Govt: EC must complete polling within 30 days


BANGKOK, 13 February 2014  The government has reiterated that the Election Commission (EC), obligated by the law, must complete the voting within 30 days after it was disrupted on February 2nd. 

According to Minister of Science and Technology and Puea Thai legal advisor Peeraphan Palusuk, it is the EC’s main duty to carry out the election within 30 days after February 2, adding that legal actions could be brought against the commissioners for violation of the constitution.

The EC earlier announced that it would hold an election on April 20 for the advance voting that could not be held in a number of constituencies, while the official voting would be reorganized on April 27 for constituencies with no candidates during the February 2 polling.

Mr. Peeraphan said further that there had been attempts to prolong this situation by delaying the completion of the election and blocking the appointments of the new prime minister and the new cabinet.