French tourist found dead in a guesthouse


Police discovered the body of a 36 year old French man in a room in a guesthouse behind Wat Chompu in Chang Moi in the city on March 11, 2016 after guesthouse staff called them due to the strong smell.

The tourist had checked into the guesthouse on March 8, 2016 and staff at the guesthouse reported that he had not been seen for a couple of days. A maid went to clean the room and reported a strong smell which convinced the manager to call the police. The rescue team went in through the window and found the man wearing shorts face down on the bed.

Police were called in to a Chang Moi area guesthouse where they found the body of a 36 year old French tourist who it appeared had been dead for several days.

Police found medication and seven grams of marijuana in the room and were confiscated as evidence but an initial exam showed no signs of violence. It appeared that he had been dead for several days. The body has been taken to Chiang Mai Maharaj Hospital for an autopsy. Police have contacted the French Embassy to notify the family.