Foreign Ministry insists assistance for Rohingya only temporary


BANGKOK, Jan 23 – Thailand’s Foreign Ministry has called on the world community and other countries to lend their hands in solving the problem of Rohingya migrants in the long run.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Manasvi Srisodapol said the government intends to assist more than 800 Rohingya migrants arrested and sheltered in Thailand only a temporary basis while discussing with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on further assistance to them.

The Foreign Ministry has also consulted with Myanmar, the Rohingya’s country of origin, on solutions to the problem both in short and long terms, he said.

Mr Manasvi said a resolution of the Rohingya problem will not be successful unless the world community and third countries join hands.

He said the government is seriously dealing with the issue including investigating alleged human trafficking which, if confirmed, will tarnish Thailand’s reputation.

The Royal Thai Police and the Social Development and Human Security Ministry are investigating allegation that army officers are involved in human trafficking, he said.