Floods recede in many provinces


NAKHON SAWAN, Sept 10 –Floods in two Nakhon Sawan district have receded slightly as of this morning, while the province is trying its best to inspect damage and provide assistance to flood victims.

The flash flood that submerged the Huay Waree Tai Village in Nong Bua district is now withdrawing, though water remains as high as 20-40 centimetres in residential areas, prompting local villagers to use makeshift wooden plank walkways and bridges to get around.

Although Huay Waree Tai School has reopened classes as usual, no students were attending classes, as parents feared for their safety since the floods have not subsided.

The Nakhon Sawan governor, meanwhile, has reemphasized his directive to local officials to provide the quickest assistance to flood victims and to inspect damage.

Meanwhile, the water at the highest point before entering Nakhon Sawan province show that both the Yom and Nan rivers remained stable, while the Chao Phraya River, measured at the Nakhom Sawan’s Jira Prawat Camp was also stable.

Residents near the Goei Chai River mouth have just the same moved belongings to higher ground and prepared boats for transport.

The Chi River in Yasothorn province continues to climb, after more water has flowed down from the northern region, increasing the water stored in the Yasothorn-Panom Prai dam.

Officials had to open up eight sluice gates to release excess water and place around the clock surveillance at the dam.

The villagers of Baan Don Kaew Village, a village situated on the bank of the Chi River, on the other hand, are hurriedly harvesting their off-season rice crops in fear of more flooding.