Floods are Thais’ major concern: Dusit, ABAC polls


BANGKOK, Sep 18 – Despite a number of ongong national concerns, Thailand’s ongoing floods are the peoples’ main concern nationwide, with the public giving an equal score to the responses of the Yingluck and Abhisit governments on dealing with the issue, according to the capital’s Suan Dusit and ABAC polls.

The Suan Dusit Poll, interviewed 2,187 persons nationwide between Sept 10-17, nearly 40 per cent of whom — 39 per cent actually — said that the flooding situation was the most troublesome issue causing tension among the public.

They said the government and its agencies should more efficiently plan responses to the situation, including a more effective water drainage system, faster news alerts, and more urgent funding to help alleviate the problems flood victims are facing, both for their homes as well as their physical and mental health.

The issues of the floods and the government response intertwined with about 20 per cent saying the prime minister should closely and continuously monitor the situation, and all parties should work together for the best solution.

Meanwhile, Assumption University’s ABAC poll indicated respondents gave an equal score of 5.8, out of 10, to the current government and the former Abhisit administration on dealing with the flooding situation.

Around slightly over half of respondents (53 per cent) said they received no aid from the government or any other related agencies, for they lived in remote areas far from the main roads, while aid was always distributed to the same groups of people such as the families of community leaders.

This survey was conducted from Sep 1-17 among 4,869 Thais of at least 18 years of age from different backgrounds in 24 provinces nationwide. It demonstrated that 77 per cent of those surveyed have been flood victims. Some of them have experienced floods for the first time this year, while others have been affected annually, or almost every year.