First Thai woman conquerer of Mount Everest recalls her inspiration


The first Thai woman to conquer Mount Everest, Ms Napassaporn Chumnarnsit, said the success was inspired by her determination to have the picture of the King and the Thai national flag on the mountain summit.

The 32-year-old dentist at Prachuab Khiri Khan provincial hospital recalled her May 19 successful adventure to the world’s highest mountain after she and her team of mountain climbers were honoured by the Nepalese minister of Tourism and Sports after they returned safely to ground.

Thai ambassador to Nepal was also at the meeting where she was honoured with a certificate and flowers.

Ms Napassaporn or Doctor-Oeem said her success in climbing Mount Everest was inspired by her strong determination to have the image of His Majesty the King and Thai national flag on the top of the Everest.

She recalled that the first moment when she reached the Everest summit was that she felt empty.

This was because the moments before reaching the summit, she didn’t think of anything else, even herself, but only one thing in mind that the King image and the Thai flag must be there.

It was also the many desires that had wished and encouraged her to fufill her dream, she said.

She said if she just think of herself she would never achieve the mission.

She said as she was climbing higher and higher, she seemed to feel like discovering some facts of life.

It was that if one has strong determination to do something, nothing could stop no matter how big the obstacle and the difficulty will be.

Her team which include another Thai climber Komrat Pichitdet, and a Norwegian climber will be in Katmandu to celebrate the team’s success on May 29 before returning to Thailand.

Earlier a Thai climber Vithitnan Rojanapanich has also conquered the Everest peak on  May 22, 2008.