Fire engulfs one of Chumphon’s hills


CHUMPHON, 22 April 2014 — A conflagration has wreaked havoc at Khao Luk Klang in Chumpon Province, causing damage to local plant life and its wild habitat.

A forest fire broke out on Khao Luk Klang and burned for more than 2 hours before officials were able to contain the flames. The hilly area was reported to be filled with dry leaves and grass, making them the perfect fuel to ignite a forest fire.

Locals and officials scrambled to contain the flames as the wind picked up speed and pushed the fire up to the very top of the hill. Fire trucks, however, were initially unable to get through as the passage leading atop the hill was steep and filled with loamy sand.

A helicopter was later brought in to help with the relief effort. Forest officials have now reported that the flames are under control and that water has been sprayed around the area to prevent the fire from spreading further to other parts of the forest.