Finnish National jumps to his death


Just after midday on the 4th of August the police were informed that a guest had committed suicide by jumping off of the balcony of his 4th floor apartment in Soi 9 Central Pattaya Road.

The dead man was identified as Mr. Kai Isokaanta a 33 year old Finnish national.

The cashier at the apartment building stated that Mr Isokaanta had rented the apartment from the end of July and that he was a heavy drinker, when the cashier went to his room with the maid to collect the rent there was no answer so she used the master key to gain entry.

However the room was also locked from the inside but she could see through gap that he was lying on the bed but looked very tense then she seen him get up and he started to smash up the room, then he went over to the balcony, she screamed for help to get the door open and it was then that Mr Isokaanta jumped.

The officers could find no formal papers for Mr Isokaanta and were told that he had apparently had his wallet and passport stolen.

They surmised that he had decided to end his life as he had no money, the embassy of Finland have been notified about his death and his body was transferred for an autopsy.


Finnish National jumps to his death