Excise tax reduction scheme to maintain diesel prices


BANGKOK, 18 April 2011 (NNT)-Finance Minister Korn Jatikawanit said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva would consider lowering excise tax for fuel in an attempt to maintain diesel prices for commuters.
According to Mr. Korn, the Prime Minister will convene a meeting with Finance, Energy and Labor Ministers to find the solution to the rising costs of living for the Thai people. The increasing global oil prices have contributed to the further rise in household expenses.

Consequently, the Finance Ministry may collaborate with the Ministry of Energy in offering an excise tax reduction for oil. It is expected the reduction scheme will last as long as the current government remains in office.

In another effort to help workers cope with their daily expenses, the Ministry of Finance said the government’s policy was to include all workers in the social security system, even the self-employed. It is said that over 25 million people across Thailand, most of them farmers, will eventually be entitled to social security benefits.