Erawan and Bongkot gas field rights likely to be announced in December

Minister of Energy, Siri Jirapongphan.

Bangkok – The Ministry of Energy expects to be able to announce the winners of the Erawan and Bongkot gas field petroleum surveying and production auctions this December as they have reached their final stages.

The Department of Mineral Fuels (DMF) has opened the fourth bidding session for the two gas fields focusing on natural gas prices, petroleum shares and profits, employment and benefits to the state. The session is the last in the auction for the G1/61 Erawan and G2/51 Bongkot gas fields in the Gulf of Thailand.

Minister of Energy, Siri Jirapongphan has explained that all submissions will be assessed by experts in terms of pricing and profit expectations with an eye on whether they conform with proposals made during the third bid, which concerned technical aspects of work on the fields.
The review is expected to take two weeks with conclusions to be presented to a committee on petroleum rights, which will in turn forward its decision to the Cabinet for authorization. Winners are expected to be announced in December.

The first bid assessed basic qualifications and the second was principles for joint investment by the public sector.