Energy Minister observes progress on construction of power plants in Songkhla


SONGKLHA – Energy Minister General Anantaporn Kanjanarat has visited Chana Power Plant in Songkhla to observe the progress made in an effort to secure electricity supply for the South of Thailand. 

According to the Energy Minister, General Anantaporn, his visit to the power plant in Chana and the Clean Coal Power Plant in Thepa district was to follow up on the progress as well as to boost the morale of those involved in the construction of these plants.

He said he was not concerned over the surrounding issues faced by the power plants as there are already appropriate measures in place to deal with them. The General also expressed his confidence the southern provinces will have their power security assured in 2019.

Chana Power Plant is located on 854 rais of land in Chana district. Its daily need of 271 million cubic feet of natural gas is supplied by the joint development area between Thailand and Malaysia.

The environmental health impact assessment is currently underway for the Clean Coal Power Plant in Thepa district. It will be submitted to the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning for consideration.

3 public surveys have already been conducted with the majority of respondents supporting the construction of the power plants.