Electoral staff convene to compile problems from Feb 2 poll


BANGKOK, 4 February 2014  The Election Commission (EC) has opened a conference to listen to problems facing each electoral unit during the general election on February 2 while confirming readiness to organize a fresh voting if the recent election is nullified.

The conference was chaired by EC Chairman Supachai Somcharoen, with the participation of the directors of all electoral units in 77 provinces. The objectives of the event were to acknowledge and gather obstacles in the officials’ operations during the previous poll and to prepare for make-up elections in areas where voting was disrupted by protesters.

The EC Chairman affirmed that the commission would try its best to arrange re-elections in all of the problematic areas within the timeframe stipulated by law. Nonetheless, he noted that the process could not be rushed as the EC would have to exercise utmost caution and ensure no violations of the electoral law.

As for the question whether or not the February 2 election would be voided, Mr Supachai said the answer would rest within the Constitutional Court’s verdict. If the court decided to nullify the poll, he assured that the EC would be ready to arrange a new election.