Education Ministry to commemorate H.M. the Queen during Mother’s Day


BANGKOK, 28 July 2014 – The Education Ministry is planning to host festivities to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen during this year’s Mother’s Day. 

The events will take place during August 12-15 at the ministry headquarters in Bangkok and its offices in other provinces nationwide.

Exhibitions on Her Majesty’s biography and royal projects as well as musical performances and fairs will be held at the ministry in Bangkok. An open-air theatre will also be set up to show screenings of King Naresuan movies and films commemorating Her Majesty the Queen and King Rama VI. Members of the public can view these movies free of charge.

Songs about motherhood and the queen will also be compiled into a CD. The CDs will be distributed to all schools and universities in the country from August 1 onwards.

The Ministry noted that gratitude is uniquely important in Thai social relationships and it will be highlighted most during Mother’s Day in the kingdom.