EC: Reasons should be given for “no vote”


BANGKOK, 31 January 2014 The voters who fail to cast their vote are required to give reasons to local election registrars so that they do not lose the right to vote, says the Election Commission (EC).

EC Secretary-General Phuchong Nutrawong on Friday talked about the general election scheduled to take place this Sunday. According to Section 88 of the Election Act, the election candidate in the constituency with only one candidate would win a parliamentary seat if he gained more than 20% of the votes and his votes must not be lower than the “No” votes in the same constituency, he said.

“vote NO” reflected the voter’s opinion and was a proof that the voter had already exercised his voting right. On the other hand, “no vote” meant that the voter did not use his right to vote, the official said.

Mr Phuhong added that the EC had request the police to provide security at more than 6,000 polling stations in Bangkok.