Dusit Zoo unveils 8 anaconda snakelets


BANGKOK, 18 September 2013 Dusit Zoo has added 8 anaconda babies to its reptile collection after it has for the first time in the history successfully bred the species. 

Dusit Zoo has made known of its success in breeding green anacondas, introducing 8 snakelets of the 9-year-old green anaconda couple.

According to the Zoo Director, a green anaconda is a non-venomous boa species found in South America. It is the heaviest and longest snake species known to this present world. A full grown green anaconda can be as long as 6.6 meters. The species is normally found in the Amazon river. Anacondas feed on rats, tapirs, deer, wildhogs, and even predators like alligators. Anaconda’s gestation period is around 6 months, while a female anaconda can have 20-40 babies per pregnancy. A new born snakelet is usually 80 centimeters long.

Anacondas, like other snakes and most reptiles, are able to adapt to climate change quickly and easily. They spend more time in water than on land, as they are a lot more agile in all depths of water. When a prey passes by, an anaconda will snatch it with its strong jaws and coil around the prey until it is suffocated to death, before swallowing the whole body.