DSI looking to end Dhammakaya Temple mission in 5 days


BANGKOK, (NNT) – The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) has stated its operation at Dhammakaya Temple must conclude within 5 days.

Thailand News 09-03-17 NNT 3 DSI looking to end Dhammakaya Temple mission in 5 days 1JPG

Most recently, the DSI was able to secure a warrant for Phra Sanitwong Wuthiwangso, Dhammakaya Temple’s Director of Communications. He has been charged with violating Section 116 of the criminal code due to seeking to incite protests and violence and has also been charged with violating the Computer Crimes Act for disseminating misinformation. He is expected to turn himself in to authorities today. Another monk of the temple taken in for inciting unrest was yesterday released on 200,000 baht bond and ordered not to approach the Dhammakaya Temple area.

The DSI is pooling its information and resources with other relevant agencies with a view to complete its mission of searching Dhammakaya Temple for its former abbot within 5 days from now. The department is concerned that its extended operation has provided an opportunity for the temple to distort the image of the mission to its own advantage.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Sangha Council has made known Dhammakaya Temple officials have contacted it to return the Fan of Rank now that Luang Por Dhammachaiyo has had his Priest Rank removed.