DIP spearheading piracy suppression


BANGKOK, 24 June 2011 – The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) under the Ministry of Commerce is pressing ahead with its mission to supress piracy of goods, including illegal activities on the internet especially before the upcoming election. 

According to DIP Director-General Pajchima Thanasanti, the ministry has appointed a panel to investigate and suppress pirated goods after piracy was found more often in the internet. The suppression will be stepped up in border zones while postal parcels will be investigated as part of the mission.

It is speculated that more pirated goods will be put into the market during the election as violators think that authorities might have been busy with election-related issues.

The panel comprises representatives from the police, the Department of Special Investigation, the Department of Customs, the DIP and many others with a hope that integrated operations of the related sides will help increase efficiency in piracy suppression.

The authorities can arrest culprits and take action against 4,502 piracy related cases involving almost three million pirated items confiscated in the past six months. The DIP will destroy almost 100,000 pirated goods in Phuket at the end of this month and 1.2 million others in Bangkok in August.