Department of Disease Control warns people of flu as variable weather continues


BANGKOK, 11 September 2015  – The Department of Disease Control (DDC) has warned people in Thailand of flu due to variable weather conditions during the transition period from rainy season to winter. 

Deputy Director General Dr.Opart Karnkawinpong said that the current weather is mixed with rain and hot air coming intermittently, possibly causing respiratory tract disorders among 45,000 people. Children, elders, pregnant women and persons with congenital diseases are at the highest risk of such illnesses which may cause mortality.

According to a report by the Bureau of Epidemiology, a total of 44,719 people suffered from flu during 1 Jan – 6 Sep 2015. Twenty four of them died.

Dr.Opart noted however that flu is a preventable disease. People can protect themselves by regularly washing their hands and avoiding sharing personal stuff with others. They shall stay away from persons getting a cold, trying not to go to crowded areas with lack of good air flow.

He advised the public to do regular exercise, take enough rest, not going under raining or staying in a very cold or hot place. Wearing face mask is also necessary for persons with respiratory tract disorders to prevent the disease spread.

In case of worse symptoms such as pants and the symptoms are not better within 48 hours, the person is strongly suggested to consult doctor immediately. Please call Hotline 1422 for more information.