Dental Council denounces cosmetic retainers


BANGKOK– The Dental Council of Thailand has warned the general public against wearing retainers for purely cosmetic purposes, and to consider the potential health problems that may follow.

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Dr. Sirichai Kiattavorncharoen of the Dental Council of Thailand addressed the case of folk singer Nongpanee Mahadthai, known by her stage name Jah Rsiam, posting a picture on Facebook of her wearing a cosmetic retainer as an endorsement of a dental lab.

Dr. Sirichai said that while the retainer may have come from a dental lab that was licensed to produce dental equipment, it did not employ staff members with the necessary credentials. Therefore, the production of Nongpanee’s retainer constitutes a violation of the 1994 Practice of Dentistry Act.

He also warned the public that retainers are intended for medical purposes and they should be prescribed after careful consideration of the health implications.