Demonstrators at Uruphong junction insist they will not relocate


BANGKOK, 12 October 2013 Negotiations between Bangkok police and anti-government demonstrators at Uruphong intersection evening did not bear fruit, with the demonstrators insisting they will remain camped at the junction. 

Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner Adul Narongsak tried to convince the demonstrators to relocate their protest venue to a spot that had less effects on road traffic. According to Bangkok police, the current spot was severely hampering traffic and was also difficult for the police to provide safety for.

Uthai Yotmani, president of the students organization of Ramkhamhaeng University and one of the protest leaders, asserted the demonstrators will not relocate. He indicated that policemen from Phayathai station have been facilitating traffic well. He also noted that it was the duty of the police to oversee the safety of the demonstrators.

Most of the activities at the demonstration site comprise speeches criticizing the management by the current government, interluded with music performances.