DBD established anti-corruption hotline


BANGKOK, 11 July 2014, – The Department of Business Development (DBD) has established a hotline for the public to report on any corruption practice among the department’s employees, in accordance with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)’s policies in curbing corruption. 

According to DBD Director General Phongpan Jiarawiriyapan, she has instructed officials under her supervision to uphold transparency and good governance principles in the department. She promised to instill integrity in her workers in order for the department to regain confidence from both the public and the business sector, and to be a true model for a corruption-free organization.

To fulfill the said goal, her department has established an anti-corruption center at its public service division on the 4th floor of the department headquarters in Nontaburi Province.

The DBD Director General encourages all to report on any suspected corruption practice by calling the 1570 hotline, promising to look into all the complaints and punish to the full extent, without exception, any officials proven guilty.