Culture ministry to publish Thai history and Kings’ contributions books


BANGKOK – The Prime Minister has echoed nationalism among the general public, while the Ministry of Culture is set to publish Thai history books to present the historic contribution of Thailand’s great kings, a government spokesman says. 

The government spokesman Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd has revealed that the Ministry of Culture is now in the process of publishing 11,000 books on Thai history, detailing the contribution of Thailand’s great kings for distribution to schools nationwide.

He said that the Prime Minister has stressed the importance on the public’s awareness on the nation’s history, including the sacrifice of kings and ancestors to protect the land.

The book, to be published in Thai for 10,000 books, and 1,000 books in English, will also tell the story of the great Kings of Siam and Thailand dating back to the Sukhothai era to the present day. The books will also include content for the Ratchapat Park which is the nation’s latest historical learning center.