Cross-border crystal meth suspects arrested; order made via


NARATHIWAT, Nov 1 – Two Thai women were arrested as part of an international gang smuggling 5kg of crystal methamphetamine pills to Malaysia, estimated to be worth Bt50 million.    

Narathiwat governor Apinan Suethanuwong and other local authorities identified two suspects, Arisara Tesaka, 30, and Anong Raksalerd, 35, as being from Bangkok and Chonburi respectively.

The drug cache was seized after being found hidden in special compartments of their luggage.

The two suspects said they had been hired by Ms Janda, whose surname they didn’t know, to smuggle the drug to Narathiwat to pass on to Mr Kelvin, surname unidentified, said to be a big dealer in Malaysia.

They said orders were placed between Ms Janda and Mr Kelvin through the Facebook social media.

Narathiwat authorities cooperated with Malaysia’s narcotics control unit leading to the arrest of Mr Kelvin.